The Week Leading up to the Move

10/8/18 – 10/13/18

The week leading up… this is being written after the fact but the week leading up was quite hectic and stressful.  There was the usual basic packing to accomplish which is hard enough in itself when it’s for such a permanent venture as well as sorting and storing the remaining household items.  On top of that, attempting to sell and get rid of the 2nd bedroom set, dining room set, couch, chaise and futon; dealing with people on kijiji in the free furniture market is always a pleasure.  Add to that the roof being redone (where they also informed me of the poor state of the chimney), the oven breaking during the self-clean cycle, allowing the renters to come in early and bring some furniture, Jess and Steve’s wedding, getting the motorcycle to Leon’s and the fantasy basketball draft and sleepover on the Sunday night before flying out.  I’m also forgetting to mention all the non-taxable resident information we had just been presented with and were trying to figure out. Conference calls with E&Y Canada and E&Y France, quickly setting up an HSBC bank account and trying to figure out what course of action to take and the necessary steps to execute for tax residency purposes.


All in all it was a rough week, and not having Pat with me made it all the more difficult.  Looking back now, a few days later, I’m happy it’s over with. Although I am still dealing with a lot of the financial implications now that I’m in France.  But things were feeling like a bit of a pressure cooker situation with the impending move out date, so it’s nice to have that oh so heavy deadline in the rearview mirror.

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